Diwali is just around the corner and it’s time to celebrate lights. It is a great time to discuss lighting kits available for cars, especially, exterior lights. These are some of the most trending, fashionable car accessories available in the market. The lighting systems can be installed on an automobile at different positions such as the front, rear, sides and also on top of the vehicle sometimes. They light up the passage for the driver and increase the visibility of the vehicle, allowing pedestrians and other drivers to notice the vehicle. There are umpteen varieties of lighting kits available and every kit has its own functional and aesthetic value. But ‘what are all the options available??’ is a question we look answers for. So without any further ado, let’s go through the wide range of exterior lighting options available that will let you make your statement with your car.

Headlights: The most basic external lighting of a car is the headlight which is also known as a headlamp. It illuminates the road ahead making the drivers drive at night with ease. The performance of headlights has improved steadily with the advancement in the automobile industry. The yellow halogen bulbs have evolved with time because of the need for a better-looking lights and also for a better view of the roads at night. A few such new generation lights are the HID, LED and Projector lights. Nowadays many modern cars come with these high end lights, but the ones with the regular halogen lamps can be upgraded with these lighting options.

a) HID (High-Intensity Discharge) Lights: As the name suggests, HID produces light from an electric arc discharge between electrodes. These lights require a ballast to regulate the voltage supplied to the capsule of gas. Leaving the technicalities aside, point to remember is that the HID lamps produce more visible light by consuming less power, making them energy-efficient lights. HID lights need a conversion kit unlike the regular halogen lamps.

b) LED (Light Emitting Diodes) Lights: LEDs are the most awesome, trending lights which can enhance the look of a vehicle significantly. These are light sources that utilize diodes that emit light when connected to a circuit. Anyone looking to save the battery consumption of the vehicle, LEDs are the best suitable option in the market.

c) Projector Lights: Initially, during the 1980s, used in a few luxury vehicles, later on, used in all types of vehicles, projector lights are one of the major lightings that define the front look of your car. Projector lights have a magnifying glass which increases the brightness of a light beam. Projector lights produce brighter light when compared to regular reflector lights and since they are directed downwards, they are less likely to blind the opposite drivers.

Tail Lamps: Tail lights or Tail lamps produce red lights and are installed at the rear side of a vehicle. The main purpose of a tail lamp is to indicate the vehicles at the back to stop or slow down. Tail lamps also come in various designs and brands. One can give their car rear lamps a personalized style or look with customized designs available in the market. The aim is to emphasize the vehicle design with attractive personalized styling. They also come with direction indicators and have a standard design for various car manufacturers.

DRL Lights: Also called ‘eyebrow lights’, DRL is a daytime running light that is fitted on the front side, usually inside or under a headlamp. They switch on automatically when the car is in drive and emit white, yellow or amber light. The main functionality of a DRL is to help other road users see the vehicle. As time progressed, DRLs are considered as a lighting accessory that enhanced the look of the car. Initially, very few high-end cars were fitted with these lights but nowadays many automotive brands are providing a slot for the placement of DRLs. There are various types of DRLs such as continuous type, matrix type, etc which can completely improve the look of your car

Fog Lamps: As the name suggests, fog lamps are used to illuminate roads during conditions of poor visibility due to fog, rain or snow. They are usually mounted and aimed low. They provide a wide, bar-shaped beam of light in colors of white and sometimes yellow. They come with different settings such as high beam, low beam, and flashing. Most of the off-road vehicles are mounted with fog lamps and in India, primarily in the northern regions, vehicles are seen with these types of lights because of the weather conditions. Fog lamps are highly useful during the night and bad weather conditions.

Rear Reflector Lamps: Typically, these lights do not produce light of their own. They simply reflect the light back towards its source. They are also placed on the front of the car under headlamps which make a vehicle clearly visible even when its lights are off. Usually, these lamps come with radium stickers. But, these lights can be connected with parking lights to indicate the application of brakes. Nowadays there are also rear bumper reflector lights with some trendy designs and with DRLs as well which produce light of their own improving the rear look of your car.

LED bars: LED bars are metal bars with continuous LED strips which are usually mounted on top of a car. Typically, these lights are installed on off-road vehicles and are generally preferred by car enthusiasts and adventure lovers. It is a must-have product for long-distance highway drives. Their main function is to help in viewing during fog and darkness but also to increase the appeal of a car

There are many other types of exterior lights for vehicles. Most of them simply augment the look of a car at night. Some of them are angel lights, puddle lights & underbody glow kits.

Angel Lights: Angel lights are a new kind of lights that forms angel wing-like patterned lights on the road. They are LED carpet lights installed on both sides of a car.

Puddle Lights: Also called Ghost Shadow Lights, Puddle lights display the logo of the car when someone opens the door of the car. They are installed either near the bottom of the sideview mirror or below the door panel, illuminating the ground below.

Under body glow kits are attached under the frame of a car. They redefine the look of a car by personalizing and lighting up the exterior of a car.

Some other types of car exterior lights include pillar lights, LED trunk lights, rally lights, and bumper grill lights. Pillar lights are additional tail lights on the sides mainly to give a sporty look to the vehicle. LED trunk lights are LED strips fixed to the edges of the trunk. Rally lights and bumper grill lights are some of the car lighting mainly used for long drives and to enhance the look of the car.

With so many different styles, types and designs of lighting kits available, it can be baffling to decide which looks best for your car. Some of the above-mentioned lights are mandatory for a car, like the headlamps, tail lamps, etc. These can be given a stylish look with the various customization options available, which will retain their functionality with a better look, while some are merely to make big and bold statements with your car. So set yourself apart on the roads and make your statement with the wide range of car exterior lights available at Razen Customs (www.razencustoms.com) Never forget the best part! We will install all these accessories right at your doorstep.