When it comes to modifying the lighting of your car, the focus usually has been on exterior car lighting accessories. But upgrading the car interior lights can just enhance the appeal of your car. The variety of products allow you to customize every part of your car interior. Here are some of the best car interior lights available:

The Footwell lights are lights attached under the dashboard to get a better visibility of the car’s floor and to enhance the appeal of the car’s interior. These universal lights can be fixed to any type of car. With DC 12V power and double-sided adhesive straps, these LED strips can be directly inserted in the cigarette lighter, without any modification or can be connected to the car’s battery without tampering any wires.

Also, there is an option for wireless Music Remote Control which can enable you to change the color and adjust the brightness as you wish. The sound-activated function allows you to enjoy the fun with colors changing following your car stereo music rhythm or your voice.

LED Scuff Plates:

The LED Scuff Plates also known as door sill plates come with a set of 4 pieces one for each door. It contains an LED generally with the car name for each scuff plate.

The Scuff plate comes with company fitted double-sided adhesive tape
This door sill plate helps protect the interior door sills from scratches, rust or anything which can damage the paint
It provides an elegant and classy look to your car.
LED Scuff Plates are must-have accessories for your car’s interior.

Dashboard trim Lights:

Dashboard trim lights make your Car’s Interior Ambience Just Like High-End Luxury Cars. They come in 4 color variants, i.e, Red, Blue, Ice Blue and White.

These Electroluminescent wires give a glow and provide a very soft mood light which is perfect for night driving.
The wires are flexible and water-resistant which can be bent in any shape making it easier for installing in any part of the car as per your wish.
Dashboard trim lights consume very less power hence not affecting your battery life.

Reading Dome Lights:

Normally cars come with standard yellow lights which does not give much brightness. The long-lasting LED bulb provides super brightness. It gives your car a new exotic look that are found only in high-end luxury vehicles. It is a DIY product making it easy to install and remove. Just plugin to existing dome light bulb socket and you are good to go.

Puddle Lights:

Puddle lights are lights that are designed to let your car name/ brand name shine as you open your doors. Puddle lights can be installed on any vehicle. It’s easy to install and has instant startup time. It is also shock and vibration resistant. The long-lasting life is what makes you want to buy this car interior light accessory.

LED Trunk Lights:

The LED trunk light can be used as a taillight, running and driving light, turn signal light, brake light, parking light, hazard flashers, reverse light and in many more modes.

The LED strip light is designed to withstand moisture, weather impacts, and washes with fuse overload protection. LED trunk lights offer a high-intensity lightening solution for your braking, indication, parking and other needs. This is one of the affordable yet trendy car light accessory that is a must have product.

Roof Lights:

Multi-mode projector lights make people relax, follow the breathing of light, slowly calming the restless heart.

It creates a pleasant atmosphere for your beloved car, giving you and your family a happy mood!
It is a plug and play device that can be used in room décor as well.
It is easy to carry and install. The star lights can also be adjusted up and down 90 degrees for different directions.

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