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06 Dec 2019

Modern food trucks have gained immense popularity in the past few years. They are upscale, trendy and most importantly mobile. But the folks running a food business are looking for a more cost-effective solution to reach out to more and more customers. Hence enter Food Bikes.

Razen Customs comes with a new solution to serve food on wheels in Hyderabad. A Food Bike. Inspired by the Bullet Barbecue Project in Bangalore, this food bike is one of a kind mobile food cart serving delicious “Egg sticks” to food lovers. Coffees, Ice-Creams, Chats and what not have been sold on hand carts for a long time in India. Then what makes this Food Bike unique and different? Well, let’s find out.

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The first question that arises in the mind is why not a food truck? Food bike costs only a fraction of the cost of a food truck. But the main appeal is that it is far simpler. “It is more convenient being on my bike. I can drive it like a normal bike during the day and it turns into a portable food cart in the evening.”, says our Food Bike client, Ranadheer Arugonda, founder of Eggsplode.

Eggsplode, a cloud kitchen located in Madhapur, Hyderabad, focuses on serving the neighborhood with delicious and nutritious egg recipes through hyperlocal deliveries. Eggs being rich in 9 essential Amino Acids play a key role in enhancing and maintaining overall health. People at Eggsplode have brought these recipes in place, after consulting renowned nutritionists across the country. Every dish is curated to meet the protein requirements of the body. Their latest hot selling item is called ‘egg sticks’ which are antibiotic-free eggs boiled inside and fried outside with a zing.

The making of the food bike was an elaborate planned process which had three major steps, namely:

Design: Initially, all the requirements of the client were listed. What made it unique was that the food bike was supposed to run two egg stick machines simultaneously and therefore the most difficult challenge was figuring out how to power the machines. After some research, it was finalized that a generator would be the ideal solution. All the other design requirements were enlisted and design of the food bike was made based on the different things that were to be put which included generator, egg stick machines, food storage, disposables, water dispenser, etc.


Fabrication: The food bike was fabricated using high-quality food grade steel. A chassis/frame was created that would hold the structure of the cart which was attached to the bike. The cart was compartmentalized into different sections according to the needs of cooking and storage. The tire for the food bike was installed and fitted along with the suspension mechanism. The food bike was now ready for the next step.


Testing and Finishing: The food bike was now put to test. All the necessary changes post the test runs were made. Waterproof LEDs were installed on the umbrella which was clamped to the cart. The graphic designing team now created the visual look for the food bike and high-quality vinyl stickers were installed accordingly. The final finishing was completed, the machines & generator were installed and the entire setup was put to test. After the minor rectifications, the food bike was now ready to be used within a span of fewer than three weeks.

There are other major advantages of these food bikes apart from being cost-effective. They can be extremely customized according to the business requirements of the restaurants. The cart can be detached from the bike. Also, the cart is easy to set up making it more suitable to run a food on wheels business.

This was one of the customization projects done at Razen Customs. We not only provide functional customizations to businesses but also provide aesthetic upgrades to individual customers’ vehicles as well. Razen Customs also has an e-commerce platform for car accessories and has a highly experienced team for bike modifications as well.


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