Car interiors are the most well-maintained parts of a car. Be if for the mere look of it or for the well-being of the car itself. Car enthusiasts often spend a lot of time and money on maintaining the interiors. One of the crucial parts of car interiors to look into is the car floor.
The chassis, considered as the skeleton of a car, is one of the most important parts of a car. It is the iron frame that holds an entire car and the people sitting in it. This skeleton must be well maintained and taken care of. Sometimes, accumulated water settles between carpet and chassis, leading to the formation of rust, mold, and other harmful bacteria. Dirt from our footwear can also get collected within the car, creating an unhygienic environment that leads to bad odor. With a good flooring, one can prevent the accumulation of dust and water within the interiors. So, what are the possible solutions to these problems? There are quite a few but floor mats and carpet matting are on the top in our list!

Floor Mats:
Floor Mat is a well-known and most imptant car accessory when it comes to floor maintenance. They are prominent because of the price, ease of maintenance and ease of availability. Floor mats are very similar to doormats. They collect dirt and particles in that particular area where they rest which can later be removed by simply removing the mat and cleaning it. They are as simple as they sound and do not need any professional assistance for installation.

loor mats are generally classified into two types: universal mats and customized mats. Universal mats are default-sized mats that can be fit into any vehicle. They are simple looking with a simple design. Typically, most of the universal car floor mats are made of rubber. So, they are also called rubber mats.

When it comes to customized mats, there are a lot of variants available. Synthetic rubber Tray mats and artificial leather mats are most widely known. Customized floor mats, typically, come with velcro at the back in order to fix to the carpet and not move from the desired place. Few leather mats come with a layer of artificial grass on them. This grassy pattern helps in collecting dirt particles and is comforting for bare feet.

There are many good brands of floor mats available in the market. Among them, 3D is one of the widely known brands. There are variants and copies of the very same brand called 4D, 5D, 7D, 9D and so on. The original floor mats of 3D are of very high quality and are available at Razen Customs. You can check them out here

Although floor mats sound like an easy option to go with, they come with a few drawbacks. Floor mats do not give full coverage for your car’s floor. Since they are not affixed permanently, it is easier for dirt, dust or water to go beneath the mats leading to another set of problems mentioned earlier. The next go-to option is the full floor matting for a car.

Carpet Matting:
Also known as full matting or leather lamination, carpet matting gives your car floor the kind of protection that it deserves. It covers the entire flooring without leaving any gaps or passageways. With the wide range of customization options available, one can give their car floor a premium look. Some carpet matting comes with synthetic fibers that effectively prevent moisture, debris, and water from entering the fabric and touching the chassis.

Carpet matting is done by removing all the car seats, as it covers the entire car floor. Sometimes it is done for the car trunk as well. Hence it is recommended to go with professional assistance while installing them. If not done properly, there are high chances of the formation of air pockets or gaps, which gives an uneven finish. These pockets lead to the accumulation of moisture between the mat and the floor. Therefore, it is always suggestible to get it done by a professional technician.
There are majorly three types of carpet matting: leather matting, grass matting and a combination of leather & grass matting. Leather mattings are made up of artificial leather. They are water and moisture resistant. Grass matting is similar to leather ones but they have a grassy texture. The last type is a combination of both leather lamination and removable grass mats.

Now that we know the purpose and differences between mats and full matting, it might be confusing to decide which one to choose for your car. Ideally, it would be better to pick both carpet matting along with mats as carpet lamination gives complete protection for the chassis of your car from water or moisture, while floor mats make it easier to clean regularly. Although this costs higher than individual mats or matting, in the long run, it would be of great help.
For better maintenance of the floor mats, you can also use a vacuum cleaner to clear off the dust easily. You can always pick the best one based on your choices from the wide varieties that are available in different price ranges. You can check out multiple varieties, designs and patterns available at Razen Customs ( With the doorstep installation service available, it is easier to modify and reinvent the look of your car at the convenience of your home. Make your ride, your statement.