How to choose the best seat cover for your car?

The final day has arrived. You receive the keys of a brand new car that you’ve always dreamt of buying. Car is one of the major investments for a person. Thus we invest so much time, energy and thought into selecting the right one that fits with our budget, personality, and requirement. The first thing you think of while seated in the car is to pick the right seat cover. But how does one choose the right seat cover, given the numerous options available in the market? Which fabric to pick? Which color to choose? What’s the right brand? It can definitely get a little overwhelming with so many unanswered questions. But don’t worry, cause you are in the right place.

Do we need a seat cover in the first place?

The answer is yes. Whether it is a brand new car that needs care and maintenance or an old car that needs a little oomph factor to it, seat covers are one of those must-have accessories in your car. They not only give a premium look to the car but also give extra comfort, given that you choose the right fabric, design and color. Imagine a hectic day where you run errands from one place to another in which case your car craves for comfort. It could be a coffee with a slightly open lid or crumbs from a sandwich you just grabbed, the one thing that’s gonna protect your original factory fitted seat is the seat cover. Not only that, but they also protect the seats from UV Rays, dirt, stains, kids’ potties, pet feces etc., Seat covers are the easiest to clean & maintain.

With the wide range of colors, designs, materials, brands and installation methods available in the market, how can one make the right choice? We’ll answer these queries of yours.

How to choose the best seat cover?

Budget is the prime factor for picking the right seat cover for your car. There are seat covers available from a price range of Rs.4000 to Rs.4,00,000 (no kidding!). So before you spend thousands on a seat cover that doesn’t fulfill your requirements, choose the best seat cover in these 5 steps:

  1. Choosing the right material: There are a bazillion types of materials available in the market; leather, art leather, jute, velvet, fabric and so on. Picking the right material can be a hectic task as one has to bear in mind the comfort every material provides with changes in climatic conditions, along with maintenance of the cover and so on. Leather covers are one of the most prominent ones apart from fabric. They entirely transform a car’s interior giving them a premium look. They are very easy to clean by using specialized leather cleansers when compared to the fabric ones. They are also stain-resistant. Leather seat covers are usually made up of artificial leather and some of them are Napa, Skoda, Styrish, PU, Leatherite etc. The major difference between artificial and original leather is the percentage of pure leather in it. If one can go the extra mile with some extra price, they can get an authentic one. But artificial leather seat covers come with some cons too. They heat up easily in summers and become extremely cold during winters. So the next convenient option that people go to is the fabric seat cover. Most popular in India after leather, fabric covers come in different color variants, unlike the leather seat covers. They are also cheaper when compared to the leather ones. They are more advantageous for rough and tough use. They react neutrally to any change in weather be it summer or winter as they are bad conductors of heat. But again, fabric covers need lots of cleaning and maintenance. They require constant vacuuming as fabric covers attract more dust as vacuuming prevents the dust from entering the fabric pores. So what are the key factors to consider while buying the right seat cover?

    Heat resistance: Resistance from a change in temperature is very important for a seat cover. Pure leather car seat covers don’t absorb heat because pure leather is the kind of skin that breathes.
    Sweat & odor resistant: Sweat proof seat covers create a barrier between the body and seat. Sometimes, leather covers absorb salts from the sweat which gets accumulated in the upper layers. Sweat absorption can also lead to stains on the seat cover. Sweat is one of the primary reasons for bad smelling cars.
    Longer Life: For longer life of seat covers, picking the right material, color and finish are as important as cleaning and maintenance. Covers made up of smaller grains have a smooth finish to it. They also absorb less dust. Longer exposure to sunlight weakens the cover, forming holes in it . Sometimes mold and fungus might form between the seat cover and the seat. Thus it is important to consider these factors as well. There are also some other important factors to consider when it comes to seat covers which are odour resistance, foam density etc.
  2. Choosing the right color: Apart from the protection that car seat covers provide, as mentioned earlier, they give an oomph factor to the car. It ads a personalized touch to the car. Picking the right color is important because it is going to be there for a significant amount of time. Think of the colors that best suits your personality or your style. Explore all the options available in those colors because sometimes the shades differ from what one expects. Are you someone who likes bold flashy colors like red, yellow or blue? Or are you someone who likes giving subtle highlights to a plain black seat cover? Or are you crazy enough to get your favorite comic character printed on your seat cover? If all these options confuse you then you could go with something that matches with the exterior look of your car as well. You can pick a color that compliments the color of your car or with the floor color too. There are many variants which give a sporty/premium/funky/classic look to the car. Any requirement of yours can be fulfilled since there is no right or wrong choice when it comes to colors and prints. Do keep in mind that dark colors absorb heat, irrespective of the type of material. They also give a rugged and sporty look. A light color is always the go-to option because of its ability to reflect back sunlight and its heat. Although maintenance is a must for light-colored seat covers.

  3. Choosing the right design: Why should someone go with a boring plain colored seat cover, when there are so many options available? From plain color block to camo print, there are different types of designs. If none of the available options satisfy your requirement, there are customized seat covers too, which can be customized according to your imagination which is limitless. One can always pick a complicated design. But it is important to remember that the more complicated the design, the more difficult it gets to clean the dust accumulated in grooves and ridges.

  4. Choosing the right brand: With so many brands and variants available in the market, it is difficult to trust one particular brand. The top-notch brands of seat covers are generally trustworthy, durable and give comfort. There are some good cost-effective local brands which offer similar features too. 
  5. Finally, installation of the seat covers: Although self-installation of seat covers sounds easy, it is always recommended to get them fitted by a professional. Every factory car seat comes in a different shape, style, and comfort. Thus, fitting in the right way is essential for a good finished look. Bad installation could lead to slipping & sliding of the seat cover. Razen Customs has an exceptional team for the purpose of fitting any car accessory accurately giving your car a fine polished look in the end. Along with the seat covers, you can also add some other minor accessories to your car interior like neck pillows, bead covers, seat cushions, steering covers or lumbar support. 

In the end, what you choose for yourself for comfort or convenience is what really defines you because its your ride. So make your statement.

Thus, by following all these steps one can find the right seat cover for their car. Maintenance is equally important for any accessory or car part and every type of seat cover comes with it’s own kind of cleansers. At Razen Customs, we guide you through this process and help you pick the right one. If you are planning to give a personal touch to your car and want to try different patterns or colors of the seat covers, you can check them with our 2D car seat customizer.

And once you’ve made the choice, sit back and relax as our team would deliver and install hassle-freely at your doorstep.