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3M AC foam cleaner (250ml)

3M AC foam cleaner (250ml)


3M AC Cleaner Foam is a foamy cleaner for cleaning Automotive Air-Conditioner coils, A/C Ducts, Louvers and similar passages quickly in automobiles. households, offices & showroom etc.

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3M Car AC foam cleaner (250ml)

How to use: Switch off the AC, spray 3M AC Conditioner Cleaning Foam into the coil, ducts and between the louvers enough so that the whole cavity becomes full of foam., After 1 or 2 minutes switch on the blower and allow the foam to be flushed out., This will bring out all dirt, dust and other contamination from the duct & louvres area., Place a clean cloth or tissue paper in front of the duct to collect all the foamy residues.

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Brand: 3M

Application: AC Cleaning

Dimensions: 19.3 x 16.4 x 5.2 cm


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