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DrArtex Car Noise Damping sheets Iridium 2.0mm, Gold 2.6mm and Skyline 2.6mm
DrArtex Car Noise Damping sheets Iridium 2.0mm, Gold 2.6mm and Skyline 2.6mm

DrArtex Car Noise Damping sheets Iridium 2.0mm, Gold 2.6mm and Skyline 2.6mm

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Noise dampening sheets are used to block the noise from outside of the car. It also enhances your car’s audio system by absorbing unwanted resonance, also it blocks the rattle sound caused by vibrations of your car.



DrArtex Car Noise damping sheets

Dr.Artex Car damping sheets come with a complete range of vibration dampers consists of two lines of products: Earth Line and Skyline.

  • Earth Line is standard high-quality vibration dampers that come in 3 various thicknesses.
    • Lite 1.6mm (light)- 10 sheets per box
    • Iridium 2.0mm (medium)- 10 sheets per box
    • Gold HD 2.6mm (heavy)- 8 sheets per box
  • Sky Line is a premium combination of products. These products are 38% lighter than Earth Line and anything else in the market. On top of that, they also provide a higher damping coefficient than equivalent class products in the market. Unparalleled.
    • Pallium 2.6mm (heavy)

Composition: A three-layered material:

  1. Self-adhesive glue layer for installation, protected with anti-adhesive paper
  2. Our advanced formula composite butyl polymer
  3. Aluminum foil

About DrArtex:

DrArtex is a Singapore-based company focused on improving conditions for drivers and passengers since 1996. They represented in more than 20 countries around the world and counting. Their in-depth, scientific knowledge of the field places DrArtex at the forefront of the industry.

Dr.Artex Car Noise damping sheets (MADE IN RUSSIA)

Dr.Artex Car Noise damping sheets have an updated range of vibration damping materials which no longer include any bitumen additives to remove the unpleasant smell and giving extra flexibility and ease of installation as well as adding to tighter adhesion, increasing the effectiveness of the materials. These products prevent corrosion of the surfaces, protecting the car frame for the long term.
How to apply DrArtex noise-damping sheet:
Step 1: Open the door pad
Step 2: Remove the plastic sheet
Step 3: Remove the Speaker
Step 4: Clean the panel thoroughly
Step 5: Clean the inside panel.
Step 6: Cut the sheet as needed
Step 7: Preheat the sheet if needed or if the temp is cold and paste it on the door panel
Step 8: Use the roller so the Damping Mat sticks well to the panel
Step 9: Repeat the same procedure on the outer layer of the door.
Step 10: Use the DampMat’s finishing tape to hide the gum coming out of the edges and will give professional looks

Additional information


Iridium (10 sheets) 2.0 mm, Gold (8 Sheets) 2.6 mm, Sky Line Pallium (8 sheets) 2.6mm

Warranty & Installation

There is no warranty for this product.

Installation: We recommend getting the installation of the damping sheets done by a skilled professional.
Razen Customs does provide Doorstep Installation by expert technicians for orders within Hyderabad currently. The installation option can be chosen during the checkout process.

3 reviews for DrArtex Car Noise Damping sheets Iridium 2.0mm, Gold 2.6mm and Skyline 2.6mm

  1. sumanth

    i Purchased DR.Artex Damping Sheets from Razen Customs website for my thar , This has changed the quality of sound to the next level

  2. Ruthwik

    Got damping done for my Hyundai verna. The team @razencustoms helped me in choosing the right damping material. And then damping was done by highly skilled technician. I could see more than half of the road noise has been reduced. Great service . Highly recommended

  3. Rakshit

    I got my floor damped with Dr.Artex Iridium damping sheets and there is a significant difference in the vibrations levels. Iridium is budget friendly as well

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