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Mahindra Thar Aluminium Skid Plate
Mahindra Thar Aluminium Skid Plate

Mahindra Thar Aluminium Skid Plate

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As a way to protect the undercarriage of your vehicle from damage, skid plates were created for those who plan to go off road. The skid plate protects elements of your vehicle like the fuel tank, differentials and transfer box. Cars can also utilize skid plates when it comes to low cars that drive over speed bumps a lot or would like more aerodynamics.


Materials integrated into skid plates

Skid plates can often be mistaken for belly pans. Belly pans are often found on most vehicles. They were created to allow for more aerodynamics and protect the underbelly of the vehicle from small debris from the pavement. Skid plates are thicker and are made from aluminium or steel. Aluminium skid plates are great when it comes to lightweight materials. They are not as strong as steel and tend to develop holes or rips. Steel skid plates are heavier but stronger than the aluminium plates. They are more likely to dent rather than rip. Steel plates are also unlikely to rust.

Warranty & Installlation

Sorry, no warranty for this product.

Installation: We recommend getting the installation by a skilled professional.
Razen Customs does provide Doorstep Installation by expert technicians for orders within Hyderabad currently.

Return Policy

We, at Razen, will always try to send the correct product which fits your car. However, sometimes because of the scale of operations, a few exceptional cases do happen which was not meant to be. And also in case you have received your order with damage to the product, then please capture a snap of the same and share it with us.

In such cases, Razen will take the product back and send you a new product or refund the amount.
Please note that all items to be returned must be unused and in their original condition only.

1 review for Mahindra Thar Aluminium Skid Plate

  1. ganesh

    Bought the skid plate from razen customs the quality is very good and the material is very strong

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