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Mahindra Thar Light Force 240mm Filters
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Mahindra Thar Light Force 240mm Filters


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Lightforce modular filters are made from an extremely unique grade of DuPont Polycarbonate. They are able to withstand harsh environments and direct impacts that literally leave the competitor’s cheap grade Polycarb in pieces. This same material is used in the new F-22 Raptor canopies, plus all Ferrari visual engine covers. Lightforce employs this material in both its lens and filter system based on its supreme lightweight strength, scratch resistance, and its ability to resist extreme heat conditions. Manufactured in a variety of color temperatures and clarity filtering options, Lightforce filters offer you true lighting tunability in your own lighting needs.
Each modular Lightforce filter serves a specific purpose:
  • Black Cover: Ultimate Protection
  • Clear Filter:?Maximum Distance
  • Amber Filter:?Silt & Dust
  • Yellow Filter: Fog, Silt & Dust
  • Crystal Blue Filter: Increased Clarity
  • Blue Filter: Snow, Ice & Sleet
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