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Expect nothing less than the widest range of accessories and modifications for your car. We at Razen Customs, believe that your car is an extension of your own personality and deserves nothing but the best. Choose from a wide range of customization options and turn your normal car into something much more.

Doorstep Services

Razen Customs truly understands the value of your time. Allow our expert technicians to service your needs right at your doorstep. Whether it is getting a set of brand new custom car seats or installing a banging new stereo, a lot of our services can be availed from the comfort of your home


Take care of your car and it will take care of you. We believe that a car is something more than just a mode of transport that gets you from point A to point B. It might seem like a pain to clean your car everyday but with our doorstep interior and exterior detailing services your car can shine every single day with minimal maintenance. You don’t even have to clean it everyday and it will still look brand new. Now who doesn’t like a shiny new car everyday?

Corporate Branding

We cater not only to the needs of individuals but also corporates that are trying to improve their brand visibility. Our branding solutions are tailored to the needs of the company, we offer everything from Electroluminescent paint to custom seats with your company’s logo. We equip you with all the tools to showcase your brand in a subtle but effective way

Customization Packages

We at Razen Customs believe that every Car Owner is unique with their set of demands or needs, our expertise lies in identifying that uniqueness and catering to those needs. We personally interact with every customer to fully understand their requirements, we then provide tailored solutions depending on the customer’s preference. So, whether its a mini tank you want or a sleek Batmobile, we’ve got you covered!

Value Addition

There will be a time where you have to let go of your car and sell it. But are you aware that with basic modifications, you can increase the resale value of the car by at least twice the amount you have spent on those modifications? At Razen Customs, with our exclusive value-added packages, we help you get the best price out of your car and make sure that your car never disappoints you
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